MMBE© – The Management Of Mind, Body & Emotions
The Inner Programming
One of Its Kind of Training in The World. Based on Deeper Studies and Research of The Feng Shui Expert -Charuhas Naik

Till Today, You are ONLY Exhibiting 1/9 of your Inner power…. Imagine, when you exhibit 9/9 The whole and Complete powers* – Then, Nothing is impossible for You* !!!
YOUR EMPLOYERS WILL GET 80%* MORE OUTPUT FROM YOU – (*Only after successful completion of the Entire Programme)


NO FEES – For Demo work shops
NO Books
NO paper and Pen
NO Instruments or Gadgets Used
NO Dress code
NO Classroom effect
NO Restrictions of Any kind
NO, It’s NOT Yoga or Meditation Class
NO, It’s NOT about Spirituality

“A positive first and lasting impression rests on three pillars:
1.) Appearance: how you look: your style, polish, and grooming;
2.) Attitude: how you carry yourself; your conduct; and your body language
3) Actions: how you communicate, interact, and treat others.
Culmination of all this forms the personality of an individual.

Personal effectiveness means making the most of all our personal resources at our disposal – our personal talents, energy and time relative to what’s most important to us.
Ask yourself:
• Do I come across as a confident person?
• Do I communicate my thoughts clearly?
• Can I assert myself when required?
• Do people carry a positive image of me?
If any you do not have a clear answer for any of the questions above then you require a comprehensive overhaul of you individuality.

Course Objectives
• Identify your personality type and your innate traits.
• Modify your innate traits to your advantage.
• Add on new traits with help of scientific process.
• Identify and reduce emotional blocks and life obstacles.
• Become more aware of your environment.
• Implement practical steps of assertiveness for self-improvement.
• Understand cultural differences and adjust their style as required.
• Set long-term/visionary goals.
• Build trust and reduce resistance to change.
• Effectively communicate and listen.
• Manage conflict and confrontation.

Course Contents
• Identification of Self
• Self-motivation
• Managing one’s own performance
• Influencing others
• Dealing with ‘difficult people’
• Interpersonal Conflict-resolution
• Building Self-Confidence
• Managing stress and building resilience

Method of delivery
The course will use a combination of concepts, discussions, and training activities with coaching and constructive feedback.

What You Will Gain
• Increased self-esteem and confidence in your own ability.
• An awareness of overall effectiveness.
• The communication skills necessary to convey your desire..
• An opportunity to learn a new life skill.

Delivered By
Master Charuhas Naik is a Psychologist, Journalist, REIKI Grand Master, Crystal Gazer, and a Healer. He has mastered the art of reading faces and hands. Reading people through their body language, handwriting and behavior pattern is his second nature. Above all, he is very spiritual and believes strongly in prayer power.
He has a profound research on personality evaluation based on this science of Feng Shui. He realized that the deeper root of this science has a great power to evaluate the core personality of any individual person. Each individual suffers from some Stress during his life span. The roots of these stresses are found in personality of the person. Though the stress cannot be eradicated from once life, there are methods to approach stress and ensure that the stress doesn’t worry you anymore.
He is a consultant to the ZEE NETWORK.