You are Free to invite me for a Demo lecture on Feng Shui and MMBE – The Inner Programming
People are quite familiar with Feng Shui now. But not with MMBE Training.

Feng Shui – About the science and how it affects our life or benefits our life. The science is simple very easy to use but very effective with positive results I recommend you to organise a larger crowd for 1 -3 hours in an auditorium and I will connect with everyone and also meet everyone personally.

MMBE – Can be organised in your office and I will offer DEMO lectures of Maximum 1 hour absolutely FREE.

For regular workshop, and demo lectures …
1. Everyone must know everyone in the classroom.
2. To have guaranteed results of 80% more productivity, the training must be for a longer period.
3. All I need is a White Board and a markers.
4. Normal sitting arrangement for the initial workshops.
5. Minimum Duration of each training is 2 hrs.