Feng Shui Consultation is a process. From the time you call me for an appointment till I leave your house. I call it a process because Feng Shui is a Science. It’s not a gimmick or some Mambo Jumbo magic. This is how the process goes… When you call me, I know from your voice and when you answer my questions. I will always ask you, why do you want to have Feng Shui done in your house? If someone says, ” Just because my friend or relative told me to do it….” I will my
reply is very simple….Don’t do it ! Not until you feel the need to do Feng Shui. That need is, when you suddenly feel that your life is not the same and its on a down slide. When you realise, you have a constant cash crunch (which was never experienced by you before) When you feel there is a stress in your relationship. When there is a pressure on your mind about daughter is not getting married. May be, you are not happy at work as it was before (ever since the new boss has taken over) . You are concerned about your child’s education is not in order. His/Her friends are influencing your child. When you have lost faith in your partner and feel being cheated and want to get out of marriage. I will appreciate these as valid reasons and not your friend or neighbor suggesting you.

Once I realize, you need help then I may ask you few questions or ask your DOB and immediately tell you about your current situation with some references of past. Then I will find out your Location, Number of Rooms and then tell you my Fees and Send you the Bank details to transfer funds. I don’t give appointment unless I receive my fees.( Bad Experience).

Once I give you the appointment, You must have following ready when i visit the house, office or factory. Before anything else, I will explain all the family members…about Feng Shui Science… what is it, my logic’s, why you need it and how to use it and then answer your questions. Then,
1. Floor Plan of the premises (original with scale) 2. All the family members present Or your business partners(for commercial premises) 3. if possible, Your problems mentioned in Bullet points.

Then, I will see the entire place with you and ask several questions while I make my notes.
After my evaluation of your property, i will give you logical explanation for the reasons of your problems. Then I will give you Small and Simple easy to apply solutions to your problems. 90% of the cures are in your house, but placed wrongly. Few minor things i will ask you to get it from the market. with the strong emphasizes ” DO NOT GO TO ANY FENG SHUI SHOP”

Finally, I may have a coffee with you and leave you to start working on it immediately.

All our further communication on Email, WhatsApp or Mobile.
I DO NOT GIVE SECOND VISIT – as Its not required. If you insist you will have to pay the same fees again.
I DO NOT GIVE GUARANTEE – Science will not fail … but you may fail to follow science.
I DO NOT SELL ANY GOODS OR ARTIFACTS OF FENG SHUI — That is Not My Business I sell my knowledge to you… My intellectual property !!!

Thank You for your Interest in Feng Shui
Happy Feng Shui !