About Charuhas Naik


His roommate from Manila introduced , introduced him to the science of Feng Shui, while learning Journalism in London. He did not realize the importance of the science and took it for granted as a similar science to Indian “Vastu Shastra”. Soon he discovered the total difference between the two sciences and decided to further study the Feng Shui Mastery from renowned Grand Master Yap Chang Hai from his YCH professional series of Feng Shui Mastery in Malaysia. Then he travelled extensively in India and abroad to study the Feng Shui of different places and ancient structures and found the science of Feng Shui is simple to apply and powerful in its results. He realized the science is formula based and very logical applications. He first implemented Feng Shui in his personal life and found miraculous results in his personal growth.
Master Charuhas Naik , even in present, is constantly researching on this subject. He has been appreciated for introducing this science to our fellow citizens in India. He is known for his instant evaluation of the problem and introducing simple but powerful solutions.

Master Charuhas Naik has gained the knowledge from various Masters around the Globe. He has understood the science from Chinese. He acknowledges the research of Westerns. Finally, he believes in blending the INDIAN Spirituality – his strongest point.

He has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of families within India & abroad and we are certain that he will change the lives of our viewers and bring harmony in their houses. It will be our sincere efforts to carry this series in the interest of our viewers and educate them in the field of Feng Shui, so that every one of you can bring health, Wealth, and prosperity in your lives.

Master Charuhas Naik, realized that there in Any independent Science is not complete in itself, So, he decided to Master other sciences just to evaluate situation of the client evaluate it and add the other appropriate remedies to resolve the problems. He is a Journalist, REIKI Grand Master, Crystal Gazer, Psychologist and a Healer. He has mastered the art of reading faces and hands. Above all, he is very spiritual and believes strongly in prayer power.

I have a dream . . .

“Every human being on this planet is aware of this powerful ancient science and is using it in their daily life, to bring HEALTH, WEALTH AND PROSPERITY.”

Happy Feng Shui.