15 June 2017

I have a dream….that,. “Every human being on this planet is aware of this ancient science of Feng Shui, and using it in their daily life to bring – HEALTH, WEALTH and PROSPERITY.”
I am grateful to all the readers for bringing me closer to my dream, every Thursday. I am pleased to know that many of you have acknowledged the results of Feng Shui. However, for the benefit of the recent readers, my request is to follow the sequence of my earlier articles visit: www.fengshuiexpert.com
Before I explain the cures to enhance this area of your life, I must make few things clear and request you to remember them at all time. The Direction related to Marriage and Relationship is Southwest, the Element is EARTH, Colour is PINK
Having understood this, please make a note of the followings:
DO NOT keep pictures or statues of animals, birds or humans in Single.
AVOID keeping a single statue of a Woman.
NEVER use bright Green colour in this area.
NOT ADVISABLE to keep too much of Metal in this area.
NEVER construct toilet in this area.
Let’s go step by step to enhance this area. Check if this corner is missing in your house. If it’s missing, its evidential that, in that house there are relationship issues.
Next, carefully check the objects placed in this area, including the pictures on the wall. Refer to the points mentioned above and remove what is not wanted in this corner. Clear all the clutter from this area and keep this corner clean. Please don’t forget to clean the place as suggested by me in my earlier article. Be guided by my method of clearing the negativity.
Now, you are ready to enhance the marriage/relationship luck. First we will see the common cures and then specific cures for holding on to the marriage and attracting good relationship. Ideally, place a picture that has bunch of flowers, flowers should be bright and colourful. Picture or figure of two birds is good. Even better, is romantic figure of man and woman together. You can even paint two Hearts in red, close to each other, and hang it on the wall.
For those who are married and feel insecure, please keep a Picture of husband & wife together in happy moods is ideal in this corner. If you have children, place a family photograph in this corner. If you have live birds in the house, place them in this corner of your living room. (Not a single bird, must be in a pairs)

To attract marriage proposals, please keep fresh Yellow (only 2) flowers every day in this corner of your living room. Please choose flowers of bright colours. Make sure that flowers do not dry. Keep these flowers in earthen or crystal pot. Avoid metal container. Keep two mandarin ducks in this corner of your bedroom. Please do not keep the ducks made of wood. Wedding bells in this corner will bring marriage luck. Consciously keep things in this corner of Red or bright colours. Light a candle in this area. Request your daughter to light this candle everyday in the evening. Place one crystal bowl in this area to represent your openness to accept what is offered to you by the universal energy.
Understand the importance of this area and don’t forget the element Earth. We need to strengthen this Earth element. Introduce earth element or anything made out of Earth material. But if you ask my opinion, I will suggest real crystals. Hang two crystal balls in this corner. Cluster of crystal is very ideal. There are so many types of crystal and it is difficult for a lay man to understand. Since, I am a crystal healer and a gazer; I suggest clear quartz crystals.
Dear readers, once you have enhanced your marriage and relationship corner, you may need some guidelines on relationship with your family members, elders in the family and superiors in your office. We will first evaluate different type of problems amongst the family members. In my next article, we will start with the most commonly discussed and never resolved problem between, Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law.

Happy Feng Shui !!!

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