08 June 2016
Vijay is working for a computer software company based in Mumbai. Like many others, he too has landed in city of prosperity to try his luck… No ..no ..not because of the Glamour of the city. Yes, like many others, he left his hometown, Nagpur, because he had an argument with his father. He decided to work hard in Mumbai and built his career. He lives in a one-bedroom rented apartment.
We all are aware that, it is a common scene for working men and women to hire an apartment in Metro city like Mumbai. But, living style of single men are totally different from single women. Oh, yes ! We all know that’ at once, when we walk into bachelor’s house. Don’t you agree?

Vijay was not an exception to the rule. When I first walked into his house, I wonder, why some men treat their own house like a junkyard. He had hired my services because he felt it was time for him to get settled down, but-he could not find the partner. Some girls, whom he liked and proposed, turned his offer down. Some did not take any interest in him. Before we go further, Let me first brief you of his typical day’s routine.
Vijay never got to hear his alarm and as he said to me that, he suddenly realizes the time and jumps out his bed and rush to get ready in the morning, leaving the bed untidy. Make his tea and leave the cup in the sink, unwashed. He makes his breakfast, keep everything unwashed. In the evening, when he returns home with couple of his friends. Have a drink, smoke and make a mess in the house. All his friends then carry their drink and food in the bedroom. Drink and eat on the bed, while watching the television.
Vijay’s house is just the opposite of what I had described in my last article, Monica Smith and her beautiful house. I have chosen the case of this bachelor, to make you aware of the importance of cleanliness in the house. Needless to say that his whole house was in a mess. I almost got choked with the stuffy atmosphere in the house. Cigarette and drink smell was very overpowering in the air.
This article is for all You bachelors out there! Take care of your house. Do not allow your friends to enter your bedroom. Say NO to drinks and food in the bedroom. I know, there are many families, who feel nice to have their Breakfast, Lunch & dinner on the bed, while watching the TV. Bad, Very Bad… Why? Because, Bedroom is the place, where you need to relax your body – to recoup your energy. but instead, whatever the good energy is there, also gets destroyed. There is a very good saying in our Marathi. – “Astil Shite, Tithe Jamtil Bhute!!” It means , wherever you drop cooked rice, the spirits get attracted and gather there(and probably stay there with you forever) So, decide ! Who should stay with you family or xxxxxx !!!

You bachelors out there, here are the most common and bad hobbits that need to be pointed out here, you come home throw your clothes around or hang them behind the door. Your Shoes scattered around the floor and you always leave your bed untidy. Of course, I am talking about bachelors living together, in a horrible conditions with their house due to their dirty habits. How do you expect anything good to happen.
Don’t be shocked, my dear readers. Imagine, this is happening in houses even with the family around. Poor woman of the house needs to keep it clean, all the time. Please note one golden rule. Whether you live in your own house or in a rented house, it will have impact on your life. Feng Shui is a science of energy that circulates in your house. If you create wrong energies in your house, you will get the same results.
In Vijay’s house ,he was not attracting Marriage proposal because of The Dirty and very disorganised house. Marriage, in our country, we say, ” Laxmi (goddess of Wealth) is coming home. Do you really believe, that where there is untidy and dirtiness , Goddess of Wealth will come??? ) NO way !!!Second, the house was full of his male friends, Yang Energy. No sensible girl, even his office colleague would not risk to step in his house! In addition, he decorated his house with many artificial flowers. Walls had posters like Ghost, Tiger attaching the goat and worst was Eagle with a Rat in his claws.
You must have realised that, in Vijay’s house there was too much of freighting Yang energy. Paintings and even the bed covers were of vibrant colours. When you create such strong energy, women feel scared or insecure. I requested him to keep the house tidy. I instructed him to leave the house in the morning only after he has cleaned every single utensil. The most important for him was, not to throw his clothes around. Unfortunately for him, he always piled his used cloths in the marriage corner of his bedroom. This was causing the block for his marriage.

Vijay realised his mistake, and changed his whole attitude. He followed my advice. In addition, I suggested few posters in the house to balance the energy. In three weeks time, Vijay started calling me, this time for a different problem. He wanted my guidance; he could not make up his mind – to choose the best proposals out of the “ three” that he liked the best.
What do you think…??? Of course, I helped him !!!
Feng Shui, if used correctly, will change your life for better. In many houses, they have everything… Good house, good style, neat and clean, no fights, no pressures… but yet, everyone feels… that something is missing in that house.. What ? Happiness? Family Bond? Personal Growth? What it is?? any guesses?
Let’s find out In my next article.
Happy Feng Shui !!!

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