01 June 2017
Sometime last year, I was in Europe for consultation. One of my Indian friends introduced me to a very beautiful blond, she wanted my advice desperately. Monica Smith, asked me a question, “Do you have a solution to bring stability in my relationships?… without a pause, she continued, You know, every time I am so sure, that the new relationship is going to last forever, It’s like I have finally found my Prince Charles…!!!but.. No matter how hard I try and be extremely nice in my relationship, somehow … he leaves me without any reasons. Then I get hurt and cry for few days..” This pattern repeats very often then you can imagine…!!! My friend whispered in my ears, ” Do some Magic Charu.. and help her, she is a wonderful person . I know her well, because we work in the same office. Past few years she is suffering with this issue of her life.” I was quite and my friend was getting worried … looking at me with the desperate look (pleassseee) . No guys, I was not worried, I said to him, ” If any man sees her, I bet, he will not stop admiring her – she is so beautiful !” I continued, I was sensing the energy of her house to find the reasons for the peculiar pattern of energy , How can any man leave her?” Bingo, I realised, why this was happening with her. I turned to her and said, “Don’t worry Monica, your Love of your life is coming to you very soon. I promise, you will not lose him. Unless, you want to get rid of him !!! She looked more gorgeous, when she laughs. Really?? ” I promise!” I said, and I meant it!!!

Monica had a unique and elegant house. Unique because everything was done tastefully. The décor, paintings, curious and the way the ornaments were placed, it was all beautiful …beautiful …and …beautiful ! The Main and Major problem was about the energy, it was too feminine. In other words, too much of Yin energy and because of the absence of Yang (Male) energy, all the men could not be comfortable and wanted to move out of her place. Men can never feel comfortable in such house. Hence, Men can never feel comfortable in such houses. In any house, if there is too much of yin energy, either man in the house will become very feminine in his attitude of may leave the house. There couldn’t be any other reasons, for men to leave the house. Ms Smith had some beautiful statues and figures of single women , in every room. Remember, you all ladies out there, single women statues represents loneliness, women who need authority to dominate everyone in the house and make the man ,very weak.

The bedroom was shocking ! Many would love to have a bedroom like hers (except me). Beautiful rounded bed but surrounded by the most dangerous thing to have in the bedroom – MIRRORS! Friends, mirror is the last thing you should have in your bedroom.(Please note that TV screen also acts like a mirror) Have you ever realised, that in olden times, the mirrors were always fixed on the inside part of the cupboard door. Mirrors of any kind or type, if placed in the bedroom, it will 100% destroy the relationship. No wonder, men did not last in her life. Her dressing table mirror was made of three folds, bad mirrors. This added fuel to the fire. Surrounding mirrors had the joints, destroying her image. Split mirrors represent – split personality.

On top of that, Monica had live plants all over her bedroom. Your child can also confirm that too many live plants are bad in the bedroom because they release carbon di-oxide during the night. Feng Shui science says tree destroys earth element. I have already explained that this area is Earth element and trees in this area will spoil your marriage luck. The climax was the Big fish tank in the bedroom. For God’s sake, DONOT EVER KEEP WATER IN THE BEDROOM. Water in Feng Shui science is excellent for enhancing your Wealth luck (if placed correctly) but water can bring Harm to the relationship. Be very careful. Now, do you realise, how important it is to balance the energies in your house?

Her bedroom and the décor were very precious to Monica. She did not like my suggestion to shift from this house. After some explanations she agreed. Monica Smith made plans to rent this house and take another new one for herself. I selected the place for her. She followed my advice and placed each object as guided by Feng Shui science and balanced the energy in her new house.

After three months, I received a call from her, inviting me to attend her wedding.

Believe me, bedroom is the most important room in your house. I am specifically addressing this to my Bachelor friends. If you are unable to find a woman of your choice, find out the reasons and the solutions, in my next article.
Happy Feng Shui !!!

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