25 May 2017
We, in India, are very different from the rest of the world! Isn’t it? Love, warmth, affections and family bond comes to us naturally!! Though, every parent is aware of the fact that one day their daughter has to leave them and start her own life – from the day she is born, she receives constant love and extra attention and now, protection. However, as she starts coming closer to her youth, at the back of every parent – there is a concerned thought. What will be her husband like? Will she get married in time? …to the right person? And above all… in the happy environment?

Believe me, I have met parents from all sorts of life. Richest to the poorer, there is no difference in their worry for their daughter’s marriage. Father of the house and many a time even the mother of the house find it easy to think of different ways to come out of their financial crises. None seems to find guaranteed solution to get the best boy for their daughter.

Dear loving parents of all the beautiful, educated, talented..etc daughters, sit back and relax ! Feng Shui has definite solution for this concern, worry or tension of yours. I have mentioned in my earlier article, this is my specialized area and I have been blessed by hundreds of parents for taking the burden off their mind.

My client, a Stockbroker, who belongs to the orthodox community in Ahmadabad, had the same worry. Money was in abundance. His Mother had started choosing and ordering the jewellery for her daughter since least ten years. The only child was given all the love and tender caring. This well-groomed and talented girl did not want to break any barriers of family and community. She enjoyed her life within the periphery of their customs and her religion.

Remember, When hearts are lonely, they express their loneliness through various ways and one of them is drawings and paintings. This girl was extra talented with her paintings. I could read her every thought in the every painting she had painted. The Concept, Colours, Background etc…

Her parents consulted almost every famous astrologer in the country, to forecast her wedding. Everyone had a common answer and advised them to wait because, as per their science, the time was not good. I would like to mention my views here, I strongly believe in all the sciences available to us, but it’s necessary to realize your need and choose the relevant sciences. There isn’t any one science, which is complete it itself. It’s like you going to orthopaedic surgeon to show your Throat infection.
Because, any One science is not complete in itself, I have managed to study and master many sciences. I am very clear with all my clients ( I have also mentioned in my earlier article) That, There is NO Cure in Feng Shui for health disorder. However, If you have developed a specific health issue after shifting into the new premises, Yes, it may be because of the layout or energy of the new house and if so, it can be corrected. The point I am making here is astrology/numerology can only predict your Bad or Good time. (In most of the cases it’s bad time only because if you are in good time of your life, you don’t need to consult anyone)

When their daughter became 26yrs old, her parents had reached the peak of their pressures. One Sunday morning, father called me to find out if I was willing to visit his house. He categorically mentioned that his friend, who had experienced the great results of Feng Shui, recommended my name to him. When you acknowledge results of this science, you will get much more from universe. I always appreciate when someone confirms the positive results.(there are never -ve results. But if the specific issue is not resolved, i always help by understanding the issue further and give more or added cures.) So, I agreed and visited their house. I found this case very interesting and that’s why I am sharing it with you.

The house was exact rectangle. None of the corners were missing. Great! isn’t it? The beauty was there was no toilets in the house. Toilet was placed away and out of the house. Wow, what a perfect house! You want to know more? You could not find a single piece of clutter in the house. Everything was looked after in this house. Could you ask for better? I went around the house very patiently. Everything was to the perfection.

Sometimes you have that small piece of dirt or a nail that stop the door from opening or closing? It was a similar situation. What blocked her luck to find the right partner?

Actually, I have given you the clue earlier, I mentioned that she is a talented artist. Her beautiful paintings were all around the house. One better than the other but one wrong painting was hanging on the wrong area of the house. The painting was of a beautiful charming princes. She was in the middle of the thick forest. Lost her directions, lonely and tears rolling down her eyes. This huge beautiful painting was hung on the wall of Marriage corner. That was the problem!

This young girl refused to take down the picture. She was angry with me, “How can a beautiful painting prevent my marriage luck?” After much convincing she agreed to pack it up for fortnight only. Generally, I do not like anyone challenging the science I practice because you don’t get the results. It’s like challenging the God. In this case, I had to tolerate her for the sake of her parents. They looked so helpless that I felt sorry for them. I then told her to paint a picture of lovebirds to replace this picture. One waits in the nest on the tree and other one approaching to the nest. In addition, I requested her to go to the market every morning and fetch few colourful flowers of her choice and place them in an earthen vase in the living room. Of course, in the marriage corner of the living room. I must admit, because her parents requested her, she did the desired painting overnight and started placing flowers from the same day. That’s all the Universal Energy needs to see – your desire and dedication!

Proposals did not stop pouring in from the third day. Though the other ceremonies took some time to decide the day, date and time of the wedding, her partner was selected in seven days from the time she put the right painting and flowers. This girl is now happily married for two years in another state of India.

Honestly, tell me you parents out there, are you really relaxed once your daughter getting married? Now, let me tell your daughters, how to protect their marriage. It’s important, isn’t it? Read in my next article. For those, who have already experienced “Betrayal”… I have written a small book , available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.
Happy Feng Shui !!!

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