18 May 2017
My Sincere Apologies for Delay in Publishing this Article.
Last week, someone known to me and who has been following my articles on FB, Said to me ” Charuhas ji” your articles are very nice, you have written so much about main door….it’s amazing ! Before I could thank her, she asked me very politely, ” When will you write about “Relationships?” I didn’t expect this, but agreed to write on relationships. I am sure, when she will see this article, a smile with Blessings will reach me. Thanks! Sxxxx ji !!!
People don’t meet in Life by Chance, there is always a purpose of the Higher Energies. I always see it, You need to realize it. Marriage & Relationships? Oh, I can write volumes on this subject. But for now, let’s start from the basics. You know, You may have the most successful career and plenty of career opportunities at your doorsteps. But,…. Without a healthy Marriage Or Relationships, it’s all in vain !!! Surprised ? Why?? First, look at yourself and be Honest ! Thank You !!
So, If you agree, May I share with you some secrets about….attracting, bonding & long lasting relationships? No, I am not waiting for your answer. You like it or not, 90% Men will Disagree and 100% Women will Vote in Agreement ! Before this gets tricky and hurting someone’s Ego or starting an Uncalled for Debate. Lets believe in -Good Old saying, “Every successful Man has a Woman behind him !” In other word “HAPPINESS” But this word Happiness comes with lot of baggage. So, let’s evaluate WHY you don’t have Happiness and How can Feng Shui help you.
I have one Word reply to Why you don’t have happiness. It’s because You have “EXPECTATIONS” from your Partner, Lover, Friends, Parents, Brothers & Sisters….almost from every single person around you. Let me explain as I always give my example for everyone to remember it !
In English language, there are many rules… but I want to mention One of them, Whenever you use alphabet Q to form any word, the Rule is ..alphabet. “U” must follow the alphabet “Q”… like Queen, Cheque, Queue, Quite…etc. I am sure, your teacher has taught you this Rule and you do remember it. NOW, Follow my RULE – that is When YOU have an “EXPECTATIONS”, remember its always followed by “DISAPPOINTMENTS”

Unfortunately, its human tendency to forget the basics of life. So, if you give up on expecting from your partner you will never be disappointed. Now, If you are so good and still there are issues in your Marriage, Relationships or amongst family members (generally in joint family) then yes, it can be rectified with the help of Feng Shui. In my articles published earlier, I have given many reason that cause arguments, disharmony and sad relationships.
Check your Main door again, if it’s made in 2 parts, then make it a single door. Check your Main and Bedroom door is not stuck when you open or you don’t have noisy hinges. Please don’t keep violent looking figures or wild animal statues. Focus on Southwest corner of your entire Flat and your Bedroom. Clear all the clutter. Please check what all you find in that area and then you will understand the cause of the disharmony in your relationships.
I must make a mention here that, this particular area of Feng Shui science (i.e.: Marriage and Relationship), I have done a good amount of research and successfully helped many of my clients – to get them out of their worst situations in relationship. Here is one for you…
Mr. Seth, a bureaucrat from Delhi, is an angry man. His grown up daughter and son are scared of him. They ensure that they come home in time. Minute his wife tries to make a normal conversation with him, he snaps at her. One of her friend, at kitty party, suggested her my name for Feng Shui Consultancy. At the same time, she advised Mrs. Seth to keep things in pairs, in the marriage corner of her house to get interim results.
My dear readers there are two statements I want to make and would like you to follow them. Little knowledge is dangerous and do not follow free advice. I know It’s your life, I leave it to you to decide after reading what happened in Mr. Seth’s house.
Mrs. Seth’s kitty party friend started calling me in desperation from Delhi for visit and consultation. It was only after about 10 days that I managed to visit them. The scene in the house was BAD. The husband had become very vicious. Daughter and son had found some excuse to go and stay with their relatives. Wife was going through the hell! There were many things wrong in the house that originally caused the disharmony. But did you know why Mr. Seth suddenly became so bad? Yes, the incomplete advise of kitty party friend. Mrs. Seth, after the Kitty party went shopping to find things in pair. What appealed to her was wooden figure of Two Bulls fighting. In addition, she placed a figure of vicious eagle with his pray under his nails. In the living room, she had a single brass statue of a cavalier, his hand ready to draw his sword. Our friend went and bought another such statue to make a pair. This one had his sword drawn in the air – ready to attack. Do you really need explanation? Why Mr. Seth became so vicious? In Feng Shui, Good and Bad results are shown instantly! Stay away from Free advises, especially from amateurs, it will cost you much more than you can imagine.
In my practice, though, people claim to be happy, I make sure that wrong objects are not placed in this corner. My observation is, at times people are very attached to their things and they don’t want to part with them – even if they don’t need them anymore. Marriage and Relationship corner of the house is very important. The reason being, if this corner is not in harmony, the entire household with every individual in the house is affected and get disturbed. You may be loaded with money but in absence of good relationship at home, you will not enjoy the wealth you earn.

For me, women in the house play very important role because they bring harmony in the house. They will bring harmony and good luck if they are happy. Happiness does not mean that you buy them expensive jewelry or saris. There are plenty of solutions, which I will mention, in the same article in the later part while giving remedies to enhance this corner. Let me share with you once again that this corner affects Matriarch. I would like mentioned , that mother of the house is affected, if you keep plants or trees in this corner. It also destroys the relationships.
I would like to make a mention about my research on Feng Shui corrections in human body. The Training is very unique and I hold the copy write. The one area of this training also covers, who is your ideal partner and how to recognize him/her. what are the expected hurdles and how to overcome them. This formula is the most useful for selecting your partner. No no… it has nothing to do with Astrology or Numerology. It’s all my research. In other sciences, there are plenty ..of IF & BUT .. not with my science. That’s why I guarantee 80% more productivity from the employees. Nothing unsteady, it is definite. There is NO planet to change your course of life. Its very easy to blame something that the so called experts have never seen in their life. Problem is a wrong strategy of the unqualified practitioners. Their Slogan is Simple – ” When You Can’t Convince, Confuse the Client”
This corner is equally important, if your daughters don’t get married or don’t attract good proposals. I will cover this issue in my next article.
Happy Feng Shui !!!

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