11 May 2017
Suresh Kamath – M.Com, he is a very sincere and hardworking person. He passed out with distinction. He is on a job hunt for more than a year. It has become his daily routine to scan the newspaper for a good job, prepare a new c.v, apply and wait for the response. He tried his with Interviews in many companies, unfortunately without any success. Suresh was always confident about his interviews but did not find the answer for his failure. His parents did not worry much about it, because wealth was enough in the house. However, It means a lot, for all you career minded fresh Graduate! – All you need is an opportunity to prove your potential and become an asset to your employer. But, it’s more easier said than done.!!
At this point, I have a question to all my friends and followers out there… Did you ever think, in your wildest dreams, that there is one more area besides your CV and Interview? NO! I am sure many have instantly noded their heads as you read this line… And the only thoughts that crossed many minds… Saying YES… I pray everyday, I checked my Horoscope, I have my parents blessing…. I have confident of Love….
No my friends, it’s not enough. You also need to check if your Mother Earth is supporting you are not….. NO.. NO.. I am not referring to the sales talk of so called Vastu Shastra… With due respect to all the experts, NO not at all… If it was so strong as claimed, then China wouldn’t be overtaking us. If it was science and technically correct then many foreign authors would have written books…. Like they have written books on Yoga, Chakras, Mudra, Spirituality… etc…
Like his son, Mr Joshi, senior executive in the multinational company, had good job and remuneration. But he was unhappy because every day he faced all kinds of hurdles in his work. He had to struggle to complete his assignments of the day. . Simple issues became difficult task for him. He was tired of this daily circus in his life. But never shared his problems with the family. let’s leave the discussion and come to evaluate the fundamentals Of the house evaluate the issue with a question “WHY?”
If you remember my last few articles on “Door to Success” with detail explanations. Yes you are correct! Path reaching his house had many hurdles. (I will not repeat again. Please refer to all my articles) Obviously, Suresh had a tuff task to find a job. In addition, The entire Career area in the house was missing. Then the double doors. That’s why both, father and son had issues in career.
In addition, as you enter the house, in a narrow corridor Shoe rack was blocking the path and a huge sofa in front (space of 2.5ft)just enough for one person to pass through… Everything was cramped up in the living room. In short, in my words, hurdles in every path.
Bedrooms were in a total mess. Mr Joshi (not as an exception to the rule) wanted to use every square foot of the house. If you, as a owner of the house, water to utilize every area of your apartment then you are wrong. If energy in your house can’t have a smooth flow… How do you expect your life to be smooth. In addition, when I walked in his house, all the doors of the rooms were creaking. His bedroom and study room doors couldn’t be opened fully because of their used clothes were hanged behind the door. When I checked the bathroom,the shower knob was not functioning. It was stuck to one side and as a result, shower couldn’t be used. Blocking the water is blocking your wealth. Water is wealth.
Remember that Doors represent career and opportunities. All the doors must open or close smoothly. If they are creaking please put the oil and fixes that noise.
If your door gets stuck, you are bound to face problems in your career and finding new opportunities. Career area is related to water, flow of water coming in your house must be smooth. Opportunities in career will be blocked, if your knobs are stuck.

Mr Joshi thought his problem was beyond anyone’s imagination. But not true. Did you know, what was wrong in his house? Besides the doors! and the tabs! It was the placement of his furniture. As mentioned earlier, When you enter your house. Have only limited and basic furniture. You have to remove everything and make it special. In the hall, make sure there is no blockage in your doorway.
In his bedroom, either he or his wife could enter at a time because they had placed the bed and the wardrobe in such a manner that there was hardly any space to move around. In the kitchen the fridge was bulging out because Mrs Joshi insisted on larger fridge… ???why??
If you create a hurdle at the doorway or at the entrance of any room, you will face the similar hurdle in your career. If you have to struggle and find you’re way in each room, believe me, you will experience the struggle at work, at each step of your growth.
There is a famous saying – If one door is closed, hundred doors will open up with opportunities for you. Not by you physically blocking that door. Then, you will suffer. So, please keep that door intact, noise free and ensure it opens freely and widely without any obstruction.
Happy Feng Shui !!!

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