04 May 2017
……continued from last week 20 April 2017
Nowadays, it’s a common thing to have the additional grill door for safety. Do you really believe, that this so called safety door, can really protect you?? Just for you information, If your house stars are bad and indicating theft, we need to find cure to kill that star… Safety door is not the solution. Someone working inside the house can be thief. Though, some Feng Shui master may not object to your additional door, I would like to share my experiences during my practice and research. Different people have different concept about this double door. If you ask me, I am not in a favour of it ! NOT at all !! If you have made this double door for the security reason, I will not agree with you. I have seen in many houses, in spite of the double door; buglers have entered the house. Why ? The answer to this is found in “Feng Shui Flying Star School”. This school gives you the time dimension and movement of Lucky and Unlucky stars. When particular star flies in your door area, theft or a robbery is inevitable. Yes, I will come to that, but you will have to wait till I come to Flying Star school formulas. (Of course, there is Feng Shui cures to prevent from the theft in your house. This is possible by deflating the bad stars.) If you observe in a particular month or a year, some buildings will experience series of theft cases. I have seen theft happening in the parking lot – the music systems stolen from many cars at one time. Believe me, it does not happen by chance. There is always a science behind everything happening – Good or Bad !!! We must enhance the Good energy and deflect the Bad energy. How? With simple and easy solutions offered in Feng Shui.

When your additional grill door has bars, occupants will always feel like a prisoners in their own house. Mr. Shah, property owner and industrialist, lost his wealth and constantly faced legal hassles. When I visited his house, before opening the door he checked me out through his so called security door, which was fitted with vertical bars. He looked like a prisoner to me inside his own house. When I mentioned that to him, he said – “Yes, I feel like one, all the time!”He followed my advice and the same day he covered that opening with a plank of wood. He acknowledged to me in seven days that his legal battle was ended, which was going on for over five years.
When you have two doors, and if they are opening in two different directions i.e.: outside grill or additional door opens anticlockwise and the main door opens clockwise or vice-a-versa. It is not auspicious because you are confusing the good energy to enter your house. In such houses, occupants find themselves confused in their career. Young children cannot find direction in their life. And the most important, Relationship issues! If this wrong doors are supported by wrong energies (especially in the bedrooms- I need to discuss this in detail , in another chapter.) For now, remember – The divorce or a breakup in Love or Split after Engagement is predictable.

If you have a joint family living together, split doors will be the cause to split the family. Though there are many other factors to be taken in to account, head of the family, may be influenced by this split door – he may change his personality. Split doors will definitely affect your relationships with your spouse, partners and family members. Sometimes, some people keep one panel of the door permanently shut and only use the other half of the door. This will certainly shown its bad influence on the occupants of the house. I would like such families to check , if the change in their life has occurred after installation of such doors? tell me honestly, which area of your life has the problems. Is it, relationships, Career, family’s good luck or your fame? If you ask me, without visiting your house, I say, All of these Areas!!!

While discussing you main door, I would like to add one very important point. In an apartment, Do Not choose the flat with the Main door directly in front of the steps going up or down . Never take a flat in front of the long corridor. The steps going down will take away your opportunities. Steps going up will act like force of a waterfall falling forcefully and washing you away and Door facing a long corridor will destroy you, sooner or later. Please do not choose a flat with this types of a situation because you will not have success in your career. You will always feel insecure about your career. You may develop a fear of unknown origin. Unfortunately, If you have this situation then the Feng Shui needs to be evaluated properly as it will need good study to apply appropriate cure. But the most difficult part is to maintain it. Honestly, I wouldn’t like you to experiment on these three situations of Main doors.

People living on the ground floor flats, somehow, always develop an urge to make an additional entrance to the flat through the balcony. Most of the times, there is hardly any space to open the door and as a result, one has to come back one step down to open the door and then climb the step again. I am sure, as you are reading this, you must have sense the point I am trying to deliver it to you.. Yes, you always tend to take a step back in life! —- Is that what you really want? I will talk in future articles, about all these Wired, Destructive and Shocking Ideas. All I am saying is, please …Use little logic !

When you have a second door, located exactly at the back of the house. (The Back Door Entry) the energy gets confused to enter your house. If your second door happens to be exactly in opposite direction of your main door, the energy that enters from your main door is then channelled straight out from the back door. In short, you must have only one main door and it must look like one. I can write more on such doors. But let’s, stick to the most common issues caused by Main Doors. The Door in Front and at the Back situation is found only in Bungalows and Farm houses. Of course, in certain States in India and Overseas. When I write about it, I will mention all different types of Bungalow/Villa/Cottage types. There is also Garden in Front and the Backyard. Mostly, people overseas park their car in garage and enter the house from the garage door. Unfortunately, this system is adopted by many in our country. I will certainly highlight this system in my following article……. to be continued next week 11 May 2017 till than Stay Blessed !!!

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