20 April 2017
Next time, if you are in New Delhi, please observe that you can never find any address easily. Even residence of Delhi are unable to locate address easily. Do you know why? Because, majority of people don’t believe in displaying their nameplates on their Main Doors! Your main door must have your nameplate. First, energy must find your home. Imagine, if a Postman can get confused and return the letter with the remark, “Addressee Unknown” why do you think energy will take efforts to hunt for your house?
Suppose, you have a name plate but its displaying your landlords name (as you have rented the place) and you don’t mention the c/o Landlords name (may be you don’t wish to announce that you are in a rented house) In this case also both the postman and the energy will not deliver. Sounds Funny ? Then you must Laugh…(but at your cost !!!) LOL !!!
can happen anywhere in the world. If you cannot find your friends address easily, please check if he or she has the nameplate on the door or not? Many a times there is a nameplate – but of the expired family member. With due respects to all the sentiments, it will not help the occupants of the house. There is yet another reason for difficulty in locating the address that is when your main door is covered with plants from all sides or your main gate is hiding behind the thick bushes. Your house or flat number is equally important. At this stage I am not discussing the lucky and unlucky numbers. This will be covered in Feng Shui Astrology and then you will get to know your personal number. For the present, I would advise you to display your house or flat number prominently.
In many houses, or in apartments, people are over enthusiastic about GO GREEN slogan. Of course, we all have to be part of Go Green ! at this point I would like to make one simple contribution from your side. When we enjoy our seasonal fruits, please collect the seeds, dry them and whenever you are travelling during the monsoon, just plant them at any suitable place or just throw them in a valley, mountain or any ideal place (please be careful and ensure that it’s not going to harm any structures around as the tree grows) Out of 100 seeds, even if one becomes a Tree… Good Karma !!!
coming back to your main door, Don’t hang small pots of plants and flowers. Yes, plants may attract the good energy but not the hanging Pots ! they are hurdles! If you still insist , then you can keep Nice Plants on both side of your door, (at your own risk because I don’t know what and how you will place them) Flowers attract good energies.
When I used to conduct Feng Shui workshops. I have always given them practical knowledge by visiting someone’s house.(Lucky families). I had my enthusiastic assistants (always thirsty to gain more knowledge) so in the car , on our way to the flat or house, before approaching the house, I always wanted to test their knowledge, ” tell me, one by one… what do you expect in that house we are about to reach” Most of the time, all 7 of them were only guessing and when it was my turn … ” There is No name plate on the door, the breadwinner has lot of ups and downs in his career but he doesn’t disclose to his family. Family is together but not in a harmony” and I used to realise that suddenly there is a pin drop silence in the car and one question on everyone had, “How Can You Be So Sure!” and all i said, ” You will hear it soon, from the horse’s mouth”
When we reached the complex, out of 45 students only 30 managed to find the place. And later, one by one walked in with one common dialogue ” Master, It was so difficult…confusing… to find this address. I just exchanged looks with my assistants. When we reached the apartment….I heard shocking expression by all seven assistant…OMG !!! when they all noticed, there was NO NAME PLATE. at this juncture, I would like to make my very favourite statement, ” In today’s Era, YOU will find Many Dronacharya’s … (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drona)But, Unfortunately…. Ek Lavya is not Born…as Yet !!!
One of my student, complaint to me that in-spite of placing all the cures for career and opportunity, he was still experiencing the hurdles at work. When I visited his house, the answer was found at the main door itself ! His son parked his bicycle just outside the main door. Any kind of obstacles in front of your main door will create hurdle in your career. Always keep your main door clear of all those things that will block your path, going out or coming in the house. Door symbolises opportunities in your life. Make sure that your main door opens and closes smoothly. Never neglect your main door. Ensure that hinges do not rusty and they don’t make any noise, ensure that your main door opens or closes smoothly. When your main door hinges are rusty and create the sound like horror films, the occupants often feel insecure and nervous! It is also responsible for arguing and irritating nature.

I don’t know, how many of you have realise the importance of the ancient habits of decorating the main door with beautiful ‘Rangoli’? Yes, it was all done to attract the good energy (Sheng Chi). The burning lantern (Diya) was another such symbol for keeping away the negative energy from entering the house. That is why it is extremely important to keep your main door clean and well lit-up. Consider fixing the series of small light bulbs on the door frame, this definitely attracts good energy and welcomes the goddess of wealth Mahalaxmi. Please have a good look at your main door. Is your door well polished? Or painted? All the fittings like knobs, handles etc are in good condition? Is the paint on the wall around the door chipping or flaking? Is there a dirty waste-bin lying outside your main door? Now that you know, please correct the situation.

Another important factor, is your Doorbell. Most of the time, you will realise that either the bell is missing or it does not work. Many a time you come across the broken bell switches and sometimes some of them give you shock. Doorbell must be in a good and working condition, at all times. Friends don’t ever forget that your main door is the first point of contact. Your friends, relation or visitors are going to form an impression about you, when they stand in front of your door. You never get the second chance in life to make that first impression! Just for fun, look at every main door you come across from today and see what opinion you form from the appearance of the main door. Specifically, next time you visit your best friend’s house of your close family members house… You will be surprised, because you already know the problems of your friend and family members…. Pat your back and don’t forget to thank and bless me!!!……..to be continued next week 27 April 2017

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