13 April 2017

Finally, we come to the Main Door (Entrance) of your Flat or Bungalow.

Strictly, in Feng Shui Science, Your main door Direction must be favourable to the Breadwinner of the house. The Breadwinner need not be the Father in the house or the eldest brother in the house. It means, that the person who is the Main Source Of Income in the family. All that you may realise after reading this, that the Breadwinner of your House may be the Youngest Daughter in the family !!! Please give her the due respect!

I had clients, who have consulted me for career growth and wealth issues. But generally people don’t like to discuss other issues in the house. them not mention their other issues. Few of them sometimes, don’t take me seriously. later they keep saying, things are not good, no change, we have problems…etc. I always ask them , Have you done everything, as guided by me….the answer is always YES. It goes on for some time, then when I finally ask them, ” I hope you have removed the additional , so Called, security door??? There is no answer…. after few seconds, But our child is still small, we need protection….. and on and on…NO, First have faith in the science and then in me! You will never go wrong.

There are so many aspects to the main door. first, the direction of the door. The direction is always taken by you standing inside the house and looking outside the main door. whatever direction is shown in your (Good) compass. That’s the direction of your main door. Of course, there is a cure for everything. But the remedy will depend on so many factors. for the purpose of understand (for the purchase of a new house) Please choose the correct direction, which is in favour of the Bread winner of the house. Please don’t fall prey to the wrong concepts(myths) of Facing East is the Best direction. No It could be your worst direction.

Always ensure, the passage or the corridor coming to your main door is not narrow in shape. Ensure, you don’t select the flat with the long passage in front of your main door, it will have a forceful energy hitting your main door, hence destroying the Good energy. Open space in front of your main door is an Auspicious sign. On the other side, if your main door is in front of the steps (going up or down) its inauspicious. Say NO to such a damaging door.

Once you have a Good Main door, then you have a good energy in your house…. Unless, you spoil it by Putting an Additional Door, so called for security purpose. No, you are wrong ! For Best security install Cameras. This Door will push away your good Luck & Prosperity.

Some people think they are very creative and make one Window in the centre of that additional door with horizontal or vertical bars. (Many people told me this window is to receive courier and parcels.) Then the whole family starts suffering…. with disputes, legal hassle, traffic offence…. it all never ends. Don’t forget to have threshold at the door frame. (Dehlij)

Try to open the door clockwise and fully on the wall, to ensure good career and opportunities.
Do not keep anything that will block your doorway. Do not have mirror facing the main door it will reflect back and you will miss the opportunities. Do keep the lights on the main door. decorate it with flickering lights.

Do not place Pyramids or a Copper Wire under your threshold. Do not place the pictures of God on the Door itself. You feel insecure in your own house.

If you have a Bungalow, ensure lot of open space in front of your main door. There are many powerful formulas in Feng Shui to attract good wealth, but they are difficult to explain in the articles. But if you can and if you have enough space between your main gate of the bungalow and in your main door, then place a Water fall in the line of the main door and water flowing towards your main door of the Bungalow.

General rule, is to keep the main door tidy and not have clutter around it. Ensure your door hinges are not creaking and noisy. Never have a sliding main door.

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